#3 – Germany – Bierschenke, Temple

Into 2012 then, and EatFIFA’s long-awaited next instalment took place a stone’s throw from the Thames. Third-ranked Germany promised to be a straightforward prospect and so it proved. Early hopes of a visit to Fulham’s Oktoberfest branch were dashed by stories of oh-so-wacky Antipodeans and dicey toilet facilities and so we settled on Temple’s understated Bierschenke, secreted just off the Strand.

If you’re reading this and hoping for a connoisseur’s guide to the contents of Bierschenke’s imposing beer taps (see above), you’ll be sorely disappointed. We satisfied ourselves with the sheer size of the steins, had them filled with Krombacher Pils and König Ludwig Weiße, and set about Bierschenke’s food menu. Seven-strong, our party had no hesitation in ordering the Bierschenke Platter, which claimed to “assemble the best of German food.

If you’re reading this and hoping for a connoisseur’s guide to the contents of Bierschenke’s imposing platter…

This was drinking food, stomach-lining of the highest order and, from EatFIFA’s gastronomical perspective, an unashamed box-ticking exercise. The platter delivered everything it said it would – from the golden-brown schnitzel and the charred bratwurst to the sauerkraut and, erm, mashed potato. Served with a smile by Bierschenke’s rather busy lone fraulein, the platter was quickly decimated by our ravenous horde, all of whom declared their satisfaction with the mountain of meat and carbohydrates.

Bierschenke itself was well-appointed, and suited its location in wine-bar country. Although lacking the atmosphere, for better or worse, of London’s more established German-themed beerhalls, Bierschenke welcomed us warmly enough.

Food: 66

Drink: 74

Service: 43

Atmosphere: 69

Value for Money: 60


We departed in good spirits, mindful of trickier tests ahead. Anyone know any Uruguayans who’d cook us dinner soon? Suggestions please!




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