#13 – Greece – Vrisaki, Bowes Park

This month’s EatFIFA saw us visit Greece. Whilst we were surprised that Greece are ranked 13th in the world, we didn’t complain as it meant that we got to eat some very tasty food indeed. Our chosen restaurant for Greece – a highly recommended place in Bowes Park going by the name of Vrisaki.


Vrisaki has an interesting set up. You aren’t immediately able to tell it is a restaurant from the outside. From the outside, it looks very much like a kebab house. However, it has a Narnia-like entrance at the end of a grill, leading you into a large, cramped seating area. We arrived in good time (well most of us), only for the waiter to ask us to stand by the bar for another twenty minutes while they prepared the table.

photo 1

At around 9pm we were seated at a table for 10. Sadly, one of the EatFIFA forefathers couldn’t make the 13th outing. On the plus side we did have 7 new faces at this month’s meal – and apparently, one of the diners’ brothers was conceived in the restaurant! (While I’m not sure how much truth there is in that, I like the possibility that this happened).

We were asked if we wanted a menu, or to just go for the meze. A quick unanimous vote was to go for the meze. From reading online reviews, the general consensus is that you get a lot of food at Vrisaki. A lot is an understatement. The first round of dishes was an array of salads, olives, beetroot, lentils and beans. All of the dishes were bloody brilliant.

photo 2photo 5

The next course was, of course, the traditional various dips and pita bread typical of Greek cuisine. The humus and taramasalata were exquisite. By this time the table was jammed with small dishes and bottles of lovely Greek beer. After round 2 you could see a couple of faces looking as if they were already stuffed. 5 minutes later and the semi finished dishes were removed from the table, to be replaced with the 1st fish and meat course. Some lovely prawns and mussels were placed in the middle of the table with some fried chicken. These were quickly polished off.

photo 3

Round 4 really sorted the men from the boys. 3 whole baked fish were placed on the table with yet more fish side dishes. The pace of consumption rapidly slowed as everyone tried to somehow find just a bit more room to put away yet more food. All the food that had been on the table up to then was delicious. The fish course took a little longer than the others to get through. Some of us were thinking – this must be it. Was it?

No it wasn’t.

photo 2-1photo

Round 5, the meat round was then bought over. Quails, lamb kebabs and sausages were placed in front of us. Up until this point everything I had put in my mouth was delicious, and the table agreed. However, the sausages were not for me. Couldn’t quite put my finger on what they were supposed to be and there were a few other grimaces from around the table when they tasted them. This is probably the only negative thing I have to say about Vrisaki.


Now to the cost. 5 courses. 3 beers each. £28. Silly money. The quantity of food must have cost more to buy! The meze is only £19 a head.


To the scores:

Food: 77.6

Drink: 64.3

Service: 65.2

Atmosphere: 80.3

Value For Money: 90.9

SCORE: 75.66

So…Vrisaki claims the number 3 spot!

As an overall experience, I would have to agree with the scores of my fellow diners tonight. While Vrisaki doesn’t have the opulence of Russia or the incredible taste of Argentina, as a package and value for money it is very, very good indeed. Highly recommended.

Next month we are visiting the Ivory Coast. A quick google search doesn’t throw up any suggested restaurants, so it will be a twitter job to the Cote d’Ivoire premiership team boys. If and when we fail to garner responses, it could mean EatFIFA’s 2nd home cooked meal. Until next month –




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