#14 – Ecuador – El Rincon Quiteño, Holloway Rd

After several reschedules, the latest FIFA rankings dictated that fourteenth edition of EatFIFA would switch from the Ivory Coast to Ecuador. A simple Google hunt led us to Holloway Road, and the popular El Rincon Quiteño.

Seven hardy EatFIFA souls braved the grey drizzle of N7 in search of our latest South American food fix and, after the Brazilian and Colombian instalments, we wandered into the near-empty café in full anticipation of a meat-and-carb0hydrate feast.

A round of Peruvian beer was the closest we got to authentic libations, as we tucked into the salty goodness of our starters – perfectly charred chorizo, empanadas (a little dry) and maduro con queso (a savoury equivalent of a banana split, perhaps, and very tasty)

All perfect appetisers ahead of the spectacular main event. Our smiling waitress emerged from the kitchen with perilously-piled plates of sizzling grilled meat – chicken, beef, pork and chorizo. As with previous parrilladas, the beef didn’t stand out, but the succulent pork and moist chicken certainly did. As we battled manfully with our generous portions, owner Luis Torres (who opened El Rincon 16 years ago) gradually cranked up the volume on the jaunty merengue on his sound system. As the bill arrived, we found ourselves involuntarily dancing in our seats – perhaps a sign of restlessness, however, after a bellyful of fried animal. The music, and Luis’s charm, added a good 10% to  El Rincon’s atmospheric appeal by the time the scorecards were passed out:

Food: 68

Drink: 63.9

Service: 72.3

Atmosphere: 72

Value For Money: 74

SCORE: 70.04

Ecuador enters the EatFIFA rankings in 7th place, just ahead of England and narrowly behind the Spanish. Argentina remains at the top of the table, with the Ivory Coast, Switzerland and Belgium vying to be June’s challengers.




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