#19 – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Mugi, Ealing

EatFIFA’s 19th outing saw a group of six trek to Ealing Common on a Monday night. The Bosnian venue was a little café that goes by the name Of Mugi, opened by Zelko Mugosa in 1997. Zelko is Montenegrin, but assured us that his menu featured some Bosnian staples.


From the outside, Mugi looks like your standard greasy spoon but with the added addition of a chiller full of cured meats, and Serbian TV on in the corner. Mugi’s website boasts of visits from Nemanja Vidic and Branislav Ivanovic, no less. The Balkan equivalent of Faces nightclub, perhaps?

After some juvenile, narrow-horizoned giggling at some of the names of the convenience foods on sale, we all gathered round to try and decipher the Montenegrin menu and order some starters. We settled on the burek – the cheese, spinach and meat varieties – and this classic dish of the former Ottoman Empire did not disappoint. Unlike the main courses, though, which (from distant memory) were a little on the unforgiving side in terms of taste and texture. Service was polite, cheerful and highly tolerant of confused English people who are content to stare at the menu and point at things.

Food – 38.5

Drink – 46.5

Service – 48.8

Atmosphere – 24.8

Value for Money – 57.8


It is with a heavy heart that we enter Bosnia straight at the foot of our rankings. Maybe it wasn’t the food’s fault. Maybe there’s nothing that can lift the mood on a cold Monday night on the border of Ealing and Acton. Sorry Bosnia. Sorry Herzegovina.

Na zdravlje!



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