The mission is simple.

We, EatFIFA, aim to sample the cuisine of all two-hundred-and-eight FIFA member nations. In London.


The Rules

The journey must start from the current FIFA No.1-ranked association, as of October 2011

Every effort must be made to visit a restaurant run by natives of, or at least offering the cuisine from, each of the 208 FIFA member nations.

If a restaurant cannot be found in London (or within reasonable travelling distance in the UK), the national dish of that FIFA member nation must be prepared and eaten by us or by a native of that nation currently resident in the UK.

Once a cuisine has been sampled and documented, the next FIFA member nation shall be determined by the latest FIFA Rankings.

No FIFA member nation may be skipped. Only if arrangements for a restaurant/self-prepared meal are confirmed can Sebb Platter proceed to the next-ranked FIFA member’s cuisine.

All meals must be photographed and presented in this blog.

Where possible, restaurant chains must be avoided.


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